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    Nc Studio for cnc router

    I am about to order a cnc router from Jinan Quick Nc studio is the suggested Controller we mainly do cabinets is this a suitable controller or should I be looking at something else?
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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    Re: Nc Studio for cnc router

    I've used Mach4 and an Ethernet SmoothStepper for nine years and Mach3 prior to that. To say I am biased to Mach is an understatement.

    NCStudio is a lesser known and lesser supported software solution.

    Amongst hobby users on this forum a large share of them use Mach ( 3 and 4), UCCNC, LinuxCNC and Centroid Acorn. They are far from the only choices but they are still
    very popular. NCStudio....not so much.


    PS: Should add PlanetCNC to that list also.

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    Re: Nc Studio for cnc router

    Many people upgrade from NC Studio to Mach4 with the C25XP. Jinan used to offer the option and we would ship the boards to china, but they complained that the taxes made this not viable. I think you can order it without the motion controller and just get a C25XP with the ESS and Mach4:

    Arturo Duncan

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    Re: Nc Studio for cnc router

    Thanks Arturo
    Helpfull information

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    Re: Nc Studio for cnc router

    Thanks Craig
    Will take a look at the other options

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