Hi everyone,

We bought a Chinese machine. A 3 axis cnc plotter. After some time there was a collision. The tool length sensor was damaged. We purchased a new one. Now the following questions arise that we do not know the answer to:

1) How to calibrate the tool length probe in NC Studio? We still have tools in stock that were measured with the previous probe before the collision. I assume this may help.

2) The probe on the table is at a point which is defined in the NC studio settings as "fixed point". When I want to measure a tool I tell the machine to go to that point, then click: "measure alone Z".

The problem is that when the tool instead of going down to touch the sensor it makes a small movement in the X-axis and is not centrally over the center of the sensor. What can I do about this to make the tool stay over the sensor?

Many thanks in advance for any hint