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    NCStudio weird error message!

    Hi everyone

    I run NCStudio 5.5.6 on a 32-bit Windows XP PC. I recently started getting the following symbolic message which causes my machine to stop:

    ¼Ó¹¤³ÌÐòÔËÐдíÎ󣨵Ú19ÐУ© £ºÔ²»¡±à³ÌÓÐÎó¡£ÇëÐÞ¸ÄIJKÔ Á¿Ä£Ê½²ÎÊý

    I think it might be related to G02/G03 commands because my other codes with only G01 commands run perfectly.

    Is there any manual or website where I can look up the meaning of this message? Or can anyone tell me why my software or machine is losing it when I give it G02 and G03 commands? I'm pretty sure it could handle them in the past...

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: NCStudio weird error message!

    Hi Makaplan,
    just wondering how you resolved this issue?.
    I have just recently got a similar crazy message on my machine running NCStudio, and any new Gcode files I try to run, the machine will only move to the beginning of the vector it is about to cut, then stop with error code.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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