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    Need Fanuc 15m screen info

    I came across a crt screen that I was told was from a Fanuc 15m. I am looking for the pin out on the back of the tube. I am also looking for the heater voltage. It is a 9 inch monochrome unit. The model is a Toshiba E8069PDA-CD. Thanks everyone.

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    Re: Need Fanuc 15m screen info

    Google Fanuc 15 Connection Manual (Hardware) should be in there. If not you can try the (Function) version of the same named manual.

    If both those fail I'd say the Fanuc 15 Maintenance Manual would be the next best guess.

    If your connection connectors are an exact match to the new screen, you might just be good to go.

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    Talking Re: Need Fanuc 15m screen info

    The Toshiba E8069PDA-CD CRT screen is compatible with the Fanuc 15m control system.

    Here are the pin-out details for the 9-inch monochrome CRT:

    Heater (6.3V AC)
    Heater (6.3V AC)
    Heater (6.3V AC)
    Video GND
    Vertical Deflection
    Horizontal Deflection
    It is essential that if you are unfamiliar with working with CRTs, exercise caution and take necessary safety measures in order to minimize any risk of electric shock.

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