Hello everyone,

I hope i posted in the correct forum ..

A bit of context first. I work at a furniture factory as a CNC programmer/operator. I work with 3 CNCs. The latest CNC is a numerically controlled shaping-sanding machine with 8 heads. 4 with cutters and 4 with sanding belts.

We work with beech and oak almost exclusively.

Im having an issue with my cutters getting damaged way too fast. We ordered 4 new cutters a month ago and they arrived last friday. We installed the new cutters and worked for 2 days cutting oak and beech.

Ill leave a link to a Imgur post with images of the cutters and some more info about the cutters and the issue im having.


The first set of cutters (first 2 cutters) have chip breaker tips. These cutters have 0 damage.
The second set of cutters (next 2 cutters) have straight tips and both cutters show signs of tip damage. The tips are chipped. At the moment this doesnt pose an issue but if the tips get damaged further, it will impact the finish on the wood piece which then leads to a faster degradation of the sanding belts.

The cutter rotation speed are fixed and cannot be changed (i cant recall the exact number, i will have to check this later and update the post)
The feed is set to 8000 (initially we used 13000 but that was a bit too fast for certain pieces so we decided to lower the feeds for all programs to avoid issues)

The depth of cut for the second set of cutters (the ones with damaged tips) is set to 2.5 mm which is not too much for these types of cutters as far as i know.

I know damage like this can happen if the material we are cutting into has some foreign objects inside (small nails and the like) but i dont think that is the case. We werent able to confirm this is the case. We had similar issues with our older set of cutters but we assumed it was due to the higher feed speeds and higher cut depth to be the cause.

Any ideas, advice, anything at all about this issue?