I have a chines laser I purchased about a year ago from ebay.

50W laser, model 3050
software laserCad
friction rotary attachment
controller? I don't really know, lasercad reports its conned to AWC0501, however on the back of the control it reads Trocen, TL3100, This is my controller here:
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It came with a rotary attachment, most of the instructions were ok and I was able to set everything up and use it to great success.
I have an issue with the rotary. If I try to engrave an image on a cup or class the image will be stretch in the y or (cylinder axes.) I then have to spend a great deal of time trying to do some math and experimentation to fix the issue.
I have come up with a workaround that kind of works about 80% of the time.
I looked all over google and found some nice website that gave good instructions for setting up the rotary.
I found out that my software does not have the same settings as everyone else.

It the the tutorials I found online they reference the advanced settings and setting the rotary there. However in my advanced settings I don't have rotary I have "Two_Head Control Only for Two_Head Machine "

I have not rotary settings and now way to set it up. I guess I'm either screwed or dumb?
I contacted the seller and they sent me a video with some Chinese dude showing how to set it up with the TL3121 controller. that controller has a screen my controller has just red LED numbers.

Any ideas?