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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Okuma > Need help loading a program into an OSP5020M control
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    Need help loading a program into an OSP5020M control

    Hey folks! I need some help on how to get a program into my controller. Okuma mill with an OSP5020M control. I've got a portable DNC box and the RS232 cable is hooked up. I've been able to send a program to the DNC but not from the DNC to the machine. I'm not sure I'm talking to it correctly. I've tried PIP read .. nothing .. I've tried PIP CN0 .. nothing. How do I do it? What is it looking for? I have a $xxxx.min% at the beginning of the program and a % at the end. It's driving me crazy.

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    Re: Need help loading a program into an OSP5020M control

    RS232 cable is null modem ?
    WIll only allow download to PC not upload to machine if its the wrong type

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