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    Need help! MV-JR ATC arm is out of position

    Hi! I’ve just got the old machine MV-JR control Fanuc-10M with 30tools.

    When I got the machine, it worked very smoothly in all option, but last week, It cannot be orientation stop by M19. When it is in stage of tool change, tool will be fall down because ATC arm attack to the tool in missing position. We try to check the sensor and orientation board, cleaning the sensor and replace new orientation board on spindle board, it is done. M19 is working now. And set the Spindle key position with the ATC arm key position. It can be orientation in position. It can operate for ATC completely when it have no tool in pot and spindle head.

    Then we try to operate ATC with tools on spindle but tool is still fall down when the arm swing to the Tool on spindle. It looks like ATC arm did not reach the tool, but gripper still not lock the tool, Can anyone help me, how to set or check for this problem.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Re: Need help! MV-JR ATC arm is out of position

    The swing arm has slipped and shifted on the shaft causing the timing of the arm and the tool release to be off. Adjust the swingarm on the shaft. This could have happened from some of the earlier crashes.

    Just an idea the might solve your problem.

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