I have an Emcoturn 140, but it is too heavy for my floor. The estimated weight of the machine is 1000kg-1500kg(2204lb-3306lb), and the dimensions are 2m x 2m x 2m. I want to reduce the weight down to around 350kg, but unsure if it is possible without making the machine unstable. I don't have much experience with a lathe of this size, and wondered where most of the weight comes from.

My plan is to remove the controller(retrofitting to Centroid), original spindle and axis motors(swapping to smaller servo motors), door, tailstock, turret(swapping to gang tool), and the surrounding walls + roof in front of the headstock. For the roof above the headstock, perhaps remodeling it smaller/shorter is better than removal - to preserve the rigidity in this area. I would assume that keeping the lower supporting base as it is, is sufficient in terms of machine rigidity? My goal is to have enough stability to machine 303-stainless steel, 20mm diameter, 30mm length.

I attached some pictures to demonstrate my plan. Parts marked with green is what I would like to remove. Parts marked with blue is how I plan to remodel the headstock. I also attached some pictures to show example designs I had in mind.
Has anyone seen this done before? I've only seen this conversion with a small lathe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNaj...el=MariusCalin

Any feedback or suggestions regarding redesigning/reducing weight of the lathe is appreciated.

Best regards