Hello All,

I recently purchased a used TL-1 for my home shop. When I purchased it; it didn’t have a floppy reader in the pendant. I opened it up and added a Shop Floor Automation USB emulator. Thankfully, the wiring for the floppy drive was there. The floppy drive had to be enabled and my Haas guy walked me through that. Thanks Jim Grimsley!

I loaded a Gibbs program into the machine and double checked it. Set up my tools as usual. Pushed the go button and immediately get an alarm warning me of an over travel condition in Z+. I edit the Z clearance number to a negative and it alarms out in X+. Same thing.

I ran an identical program on the machine at work. No problem. Same post, everything. Then, I noticed that the soft stops were set to zero in positive. Reset those. Try again. Same alarm.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Andy Pullen