Hi people with way more knowledge than me..

I am updating my 90's Techno 16 x 20" servo Davinci with a Jianken atc spindle motor and before I design and build something, I am looking for ideas from those of you with 8 or more toolholders on stands, a turret or whatever.

I've played with some of this in the past, but times have changed and I could use some suggestions.

I don't want to lose any machine travel unless it becomes more economical to buy a longer travel axis.

I am currently leaning towards an 8 station turret similar to my avatar

Thanks in advance

btw: those not familiar with what I have, it is a 3 axis router with ball screws, extrusion slides that can be changed out. A light duty machine, that I've modified to cut everything from wood, alu to ti and S7 tool steel on since the 90's.