Hi there, and helps or leads would be much appreciated. I have a Hafco VM100 (apparently doesn’t exist) it currently run by a Fagor 8055m, which is having issues and I’m looking to retro fit a new controller into the mill. But I can’t seem to find anything that can drive my current 7.5kw ~11kw spindle.
Mill has a 16 tool ATC,
I know there is options of running a VFD but I’m not sure how that works when things like rigid tapping and that is used.

1. Can rigid tapping work on a VFD.
2. Also after something or some way to index and orient my spindle when it’s doing a tool change so the BT40 paws line up. What’s the best ,method to orient
3. I have been told that it may be an option to drive the Fagor drives with an external non Fager controller but have also been told that it can’t be done.

Thanks Regards