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    need help with tos milling machine

    Hello everyone I have a tos fnk25 vertical milling machine and wish to convert it too cnc .I am a bit stumped as regard the size of stepper motors, I require, can anyone help?

    here are some figures i worked out
    require 640oz/ins when load applied to x axis
    would like to have 2 to 1 gearing
    max 833 steps/second with gearing
    according to gecko site
    this relates to 163 watts of power need to move the axis
    833 x 640 divided by a factor of 4500 plus 40 percent
    have i work this out right?
    how do i now pick the most efficent motor?
    if i go oversize on the stpeper motor .can i reduce the voltage to compensate thus reducing the power?

    all the best Derk on the Isle of Wight (uk)

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    Re: need help with tos milling machine

    Googled TOS FNK 25 CNC Conversion and this was pretty much the only post I could find....

    What's the most random part of it, is that I also live on the Isle of Wight and didn't realise Derk was doing a conversion on the same machine.

    Has anyone else done one since?


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