All was well until I started messing with settings while installing a Z axis stepper motor kit. That installation went perfectly but I accidentally over-wrote the X axis settings. Now the X axis is stuck at a very low acceleration no matter what I put in for Max Acceleration. I can't engrave because the extra space needed to accelerate is as big as half the table. What is weird is that the keying acceleration is being used. I can change that to values from 200 to 20000mm/s2 and clearly see the result when I use keys to move the head. But, when engraving, the value is stuck at something like 200mm/s2 no matter what values I use for Max Acceleration. The value is written to the controller properly because it reads back out properly. When I "Frame" the engraving, the head frames the engraving and shows me the low acceleration value. But I cannot increase it from what ever the low value is.