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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Syil Products > Need Help!!! X4 won't connect to Mach3
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    Need Help!!! X4 won't connect to Mach3

    Hi. A couple years back my computer and mill were working fine with parallel connection.
    I fired up computer and got some notice about CMOS issue, presumably battery went dead, I replaced battery.
    Now I can't get computer to link to machine (Syil X4)
    I tried reinstalling mach3 and driver.
    Driver test seems to indicate OK

    I can operate spindle manually using controls on mill, but I'm not getting any control from Mach3. I can't move axis's etc.

    I'm not sure how to troubleshoot the problem. How do I know for sure if Mach is sending signals to parallel port pins?
    Is there any way to test machine? Drivers have single red light for each one, is supposed to be power light.
    Is there anything on the 5 axis board to check?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

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    Re: Need Help!!! X4 won't connect to Mach3

    The parallel port on the pc is probably not configured correctly now. In mach3 see what port it is set to, then make the port address on the pc match. Don't fiddle with the Mach3 settings, just see what they are set to.
    Super X3. 3600rpm. Sheridan 6"x24" Lathe + more. Three ways to fix things: The right way, the other way, and maybe your way, which is possibly a faster wrong way.

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