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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Cincinnati CNC > Need info on reading led's
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    Need info on reading led's

    Hello again,
    I'm still struggling and bugging anybody I can think of. I now am trying to find out info on reading the led's on the ACI and DCO boards
    inside an Accramatic 850MC control. I didnt receive all the manuals when I bought this tank and I cant find any for sale. There isnt
    much info online about these controls either. I have been trying to get a tech in here for 3 weeks and its going to be at least 1 more before I can. If I can fix this thing myself I am saving money I dont really have to spend. I have X and Y axis's working now but it appears that the brake on Z axis is stuck.
    Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? The best I can tell the problem is either mechanical or there is a problem between the rectifier and the DCO board. Also does anybody know how to find older cnczone forum posts ? If there is anything out there its got to be around 8-10 years ago when these machines were more active.
    Thank you all for all the help you given me in the past,

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    Mar 2011
    I sent you an e-mail with some info, hope it helps.

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    Thank you my friend,

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    Re: Need info on reading led's

    hi, just get my sabre 1000 cincinnati acramatic 850sx and im getting an alarm 16541 , about spindle drive .

    any advice will help a lot


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