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    Need machinist for pinking shear blades

    Hello all,

    First of all, apologies if this is the wrong forum or an inappropriate post. Happy to take guidance on the correct place to post!

    I would like to buy one or two sets of blades to cut like pinking shears, but I need to cut satin 150mm wide in one snip and it appears no commercial manufacturers of pinking shears make them that large. What I would love is a paper guillotine style mechanism:

    With pinking shear style teeth:

    To leave satin ribbons with a zig-zag cut on the ends.

    By using this mechanism I can power with a simple air cylinder or electric motor, rather than needing linear guides and so on if making a typical vertical press type arrangement. I can also get close enough to the printing machine to match the necessary cutting location.

    However the catch is the grinding of the teeth profile. Because the blades pass each other by rotating around the pivot, the teeth need to be ground accordingly. The teeth nearer the pivot are angled much differently than those further away. I’m almost certain that they are not straight grinds at the appropriate angle, but genuinely ground around the radius from the pivot.

    I think I need someone with a grinder able to mount the blades and pass them into the grinding wheel. If you would like to go down the rabbit hole, here's a page of patents associated with pinking shear manufacturing:
    J. Wiss & Sons Co. - Pinking Shear Patents History

    I can do the CAD and draw what I would like, but I don’t know enough about the grinding process to picture how this would actually be done, or know someone with the necessary equipment. I would love if someone on this forum can machine for me (paid), or recommend someone I could contact.

    I'm in Brisbane, happy to work with anyone and post the blades.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Need machinist for pinking shear blades

    At 150 mm it would be easier to make or buy a guillotine style set of blades so the top just moves past the anvil on bearing slides ,then you eliminate the rotating axis and most likely you could have them laser cut and the edges ground . Just a thought try not to over think it .

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    Re: Need machinist for pinking shear blades

    You do realise that cutting satin fabric like that is going to create an edge which will most likely unravel after a few handlings?


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