Hello all,

I have a 1998 Rover 20 and I would like to replace the controller with something that
can run with Mach 3or4 because that's what I'm familiar with but open to suggestions.
I probably won't be using the vacuum pods as I will probably mount a giant aluminum
fixture plate across the whole area. It has a single 5hp ATC spindle that I want to incorporate
and any safety features I believe I would like to retain. If I can keep the drills I think that would
be an added bonus.

It has the Yaskawa servos and servopack SGDB
I've built a stand alone system for my other cnc router using a Pokeys57 controller,
so I have a general understanding and capabilities. That be said I have read and
tried to follow along but and lost quite quickly. I do believe if put into a language layman could
understand that I could pull it off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !! Thanks Ray