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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Benchtop Machines > need to buy mill & biiiig help
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    need to buy mill & biiiig help

    as hobbyist i need mill for steel
    by reading forum posts rf45 or zx7045 or mb4 or bf45 .....
    look like great tool to have for most of my needs
    but problem is when i need to work on tinny parts for my scale models
    all advise high rpm for these up to 6mm mills & lowest 0.1mm ones
    this machine got max 3000rpm so i need advice & help

    i read that some ppl put side mount for high rpm spindle but on small machines
    like bf16/20 size with small head
    is it possible to do same with rf45 size and big head to add 1.5kw water cooled spindle (like ppl use on wood routers) on side for time when i need to work on tinnnny parts and remove when i dont ?
    and how if it's possible ?
    or just to lower size of machine to smaller head like sx2/3 or like ,and thinker from there ?
    sorry for grammar errors

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    Re: need to buy mill & biiiig help

    For manual milling, all elements are matched for size if for hobby use. The elements are machine size, spindle and cutter. So generally a BF45 will not be used with small cutters because even if the spindle could run them fast enough there still is the problem of the mass of the machine and backlash of the mill that will tend to break the cutter.

    For the opposite, I hope it is obvious that a 25mm cutter in Sherline won't cut steel.

    The only way to have one machine for large and small cutters is a top Quality watchmakers mill like an Aciera F1.

    If you are very sure that you will be using such a wide range cutters then you have serious considering to do. BUT if you are just beginning and are just trying to make sure that in the future you can do everything then you are making a mistake. One machine can't do everything.

    The BF45 or equivalent square column machines are good designs and good value for the hobbyist. If you need to use cutters less than about 1.5mm then a Sherline would be good to have next to the BF45. If you have a BF45 in your shop already then an X2/3 is a waste of money.

    What is the material you will cut?

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