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    Question Negative motor Co-ords in MACH3

    Hi guys

    This is my first post, so be kind to me please

    I purchased a Chinese 1515 router from AliExpress - before you cry "cheap Chinese crap" be aware that I went in with my eyes open and the product I received is actually pretty good; it's a clone of a Bulkman LEAD CNC rig and it went together really easily. I wired it up, calibrated the motors with Mach3 and proceeded to set up the home switches - so far so good.
    I decided to try it out with the Roadrunner code and it drove in the wrong direction and crashed, so I had a look at the main screen and the one thing I noticed is that the motor co-ords have negative readings - some research suggested I flip the motor leads and this did cure the issue when jogging but caused homing to run in the wrong direction so I undertook further research and enabled Reverse on X and Y axes under Config - Motor Home/SoftLimits, this fixed the homing issue but I again had negative readings. Further research discovered the Dir Lowactive setting under Config - Ports and Pins - Motor Outputs which made the co-ords positive but again caused the rig to search in the wrong direction for home.

    Some hardware specs:

    Novusun NVUM controller, TB6600 micro stepper drivers, Mach3 version R3.043.062 unlicenced as yet, Windows 10.

    Any help gratefully appreciated.

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    Re: Negative motor Co-ords in MACH3

    Sounds like your axis is setup backwards.

    Note that the Reverse and Dir Active Low setting both do the same thing, so when you change one, you undo the change of the other.
    After reversing the direction, use the Home Negative setting to change the homing direction.

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