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    Neutralize Smell ideas

    I have a question... The acrylic we are using now (Menards Brand), smell more than the paper one or the lucitex brand, and I want be preventive about neighbors... if bothers me enough to noticed, they may too...

    My machine is on my garage, no attached to my house or near any building, is in my backyard like half block away from the street.
    We have a exhaust that goes of a pipe and throw the fumes through a small chimney, what options we can use for neutralize the smell once comes out? Carbon activated bags on the duct? Baking soda? any other ideas?



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    Re: Neutralize Smell ideas

    The best might be to send the exhaust through a box with water spray nozzles to remove the volatiles from the air stream. This could be done with tank and a pump to recycle the water. Most likely a labyrinth air path would work the best.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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