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    New build help

    Im just finishing the steel frame of a 3030cm fixed gantry router that will be used for milling AL and various plastics using a ISO20 high speed spindle. Its to replace a 6040 Chinese/AL based router. The frame is mostly built using 1/4" wall steel. Currently AL linear stages are being used, but these will be replaced w rails mounted on ground steel plate in the near future.

    My question is, Im using jack screws on the XY stages to tram them respectively. Once trammed the I plan on using steel epoxy fill the mating gaps. Ive heard of two methods.
    1, tram the stages, keep the jack screws fixed, remove the stages and slather epoxy on both faces, replace the stages to sandwich the epoxy.
    2,tram the stages, keep the stages in place and inject epoxy through a port.
    I would thin option 2 would be the best, but have no Idea. I also dont know if with either of these option if its ok to use release agent on both mating surfaces. Again I hope to replace the AL stages w steel plate stages.

    Thanks for any insights
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