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    new cam software for plasma

    I am working on new cam software for plasma. Here you can see videos


    or serach youtube for:

    here you can download it:
    IKOCM cnc plasma software

    It will be installed in C:\ikocam folder
    If you dont like it just delete that folder (program will not alter any of your system settings)

    So, I need some help. I am working on post processors so I need your gcode file(s) for very small examples.



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    Re: new cam software for plasma

    Very very interesting project.
    Congrats Albert !

    Unfortunately my AV block the http://ikodb.com/ikocam/ikocamsetup.zip download access with this message:

    This request is blocked by the Firewall Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: (Cloud Id: 76471140) Agent.FL (Trojan) blocked.

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