So I just bought a PCNC Series 3 that was still running Mach 3. The current control computer blue screens every few minutes, so I am looking to replace it and upgrade to PathPilot.

I've never run a Tormach, but I did a bunch of reading and I think this equipment I have listed below should work.

Could someone knowledgeable confirm this or point me in the right direction? The main concern is if the computer listed will work. Also let me know if there are other reasonable source for computers.

Computer Dell Optiplex 3030SFF Core i3 3.5ghz $149 (Will probably install an SSD):

Mesa Card $109

Tormach PathPilot $24.95

The computer will probably sit inside the stand where the current one is. I will be building an enclosure eventually, so the monitor will have to be mounted differently than currently. Let me know if there is better way to arrange things.