Hi everyone. I have a Prototrak 2000 fitted with a MX3e control system by South Western Industries. I have encountered numerous problems in the machine throwing wobblies part way through a program in that it error codes saying x axis issues. I have replaced the perished rubber seals on the glass scales and cleaned meticulously. It then appears all good and within a short space of time I get the same problem again. Also not sure if its related but the actual screen went black and I could not get anything to display but after a couple of reboots it seems to be working OK again.

I would ideally like to replace the whole system with something more modern and do away with the glass scales. If I go down this road am I able to use the existing motors \ drives or do I need to replace them and swap over to stepper motors? Has anyone undertook this project on a similar machine and if so what problems were encountered? Do you have any regrets?

I seem to think the MX3 is very limited and a modern day system has to be much more reliable?

Any help very much appreciated..... TIA