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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > DIY CNC Router Table Machines > New DIY CNC with MACH4 ESS/MB3 and clearpath servo motors
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    New DIY CNC with MACH4 ESS/MB3 and clearpath servo motors

    I am slowly inching forward in building my first cnc.

    I'm using ESS/MB3 combo with clearpath CPM-SDSK-3421S-RLS motors.

    I am almost finished installing hard stops. I have temporarily wired all motors to the board, and tuned all motors with clearpath software. I have also calibrated the distance in motors so one inch in mach4 is 1 inch on the table.

    What i would like to do primarily is repeated jobs (G54), so my question is;

    How do i setup and wire the limit switches, home switches and Estop?

    I am assuming i need 6 limit switches and 3 homing switches. 2 switches per axis for limit and 1 per axis for home. Should estop be wired directly to the MB3 board or wired with limit switches?
    How do i wire
    HLFB + and - from motors for homing?

    I was going to use this switches for limit and homing, Is this ok?


    What is the best way to go about this? Electronics and electrical schematic is not my thing so i'm struggling reading and understanding ESS and MB3 manuals

    Short video of machine working.


    Appreciate any help i can get to get this going!


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    Re: New DIY CNC with MACH4 ESS/MB3 and clearpath servo motors

    Hi darko9000 – I’m an engineer with Teknic and I’d like to offer some suggestions regarding your application.

    ClearPath has a built-in homing algorithm, called "precision hard stop homing", that provides accurate and repeatable homing and can potentially reduce wiring and sensors in your machine. To use precision hard stop homing, your machine would need to have reasonably stiff, physical hard stops (e.g. high durometer rubber or a metal such as steel or aluminum). Here is a video link (start at 3:34) showing the accuracy and repeatability of this hard stop homing feature:

    The HLFB (High Level FeedBack) output from your ClearPath motor is an optically isolated, open collector output, so it supports any voltage source, 5-24Vdc. I would recommend that you wire HLFB to an appropriate input on the MACH4 breakout board and configure HLFB to inform your CNC controller that ClearPath has completed the homing routine. Please refer to the ClearPath User Manual for more information on configuring and wiring HLFB: https://www.teknic.com/files/downloa...ser_manual.pdf

    The TWTADE/TA-8108 sensor is an electromechanical sensor that can directly control an electrical load. You can certainly use this sensor, but I find that customers (mostly in the commercial space) often use a logic sensor. For example, you could consider a non-contact, inductive sensor because they are non contact, typically smaller yet still robust for CNC applications. Although these sensor types are generally more expensive, I did find a reasonably priced one on Allied Electronics. Since you would wire this sensor to the MACH4 breakout board, be sure to verify MACH’s electrical preference: PnP or NpN type.

    Some controllers also offer “software” travel limits – the controller will issue an error code and prevent motion if you try to jog the motor or command a position past these limits. I would check with MACH4 (New Fangled Solutions) to see if they provide this functionality. If they offer controllers with these software limits, then you could also eliminate the physical limit switches (and save more wiring). If this feature is not available, then you would need to wire limit switches to the MACH4 breakout board.

    I hope this information helps. If you have any questions, or you'd like to talk about your specific application, please feel free to give us a call at 585-784-7454, or use our "Contact Us" form online at https://www.teknic.com/contact/.

    Abe A. - Teknic Servo Systems Engineer

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