Hello all,

We got a older Fanuc wire EDM some time ago and are finally getting it up and running. It is an older flushing? type (non submerged) , nothing fancy but will do what we need most of the time. My question on it is that we have a gear with inside teeth that has worn bad on one of our presses. Older press so parts are pricey to say the least. The gear is bigger than the table on the EDM but it has locating holes around it and the teeth are in sections.

If I make a guard around the table slightly lower than the surface and a fixture to locate the gear is it possible to recut the teeth with Wire if we weld them up? Again I know nothing about these so I don't know if they will cut weld at all or badly or what but we are looking at ideas for repairing this. Other option is a fadal 6030 mill and locking the spindle and using it to broach the teeth one at a time.

Any help or suggestions are greatly apppreciated!