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    New Fadal user looking for advice on setup

    I'm new to the Fadal world and finding a small learning curve here that someone out there might be able to help me with.

    My previous and somewhat limited experience has been with my old Okuma MC3VA mill. I've recently purchased a Fadal VMC15XT but would like to keep my processes as similar as possible to the Okuma.

    On my Okuma mill I have it set up with a fixed tool setter position that I set all tool length offsets at. Then I just use one tool to touch off on my work (fixture) offset to establish the difference.
    Is the G53 position (Machine Coordinate System) the same as the Cold Start position?

    If I wanted to do the same thing on the Fadal could I just change that G53 and make it my fixed tool setter position? If I did, would that change the Cold Start position? Does it really even matter where it cold starts as long as it's a repeatable position?

    I appreciate your help!

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    Re: New Fadal user looking for advice on setup

    ...2nd Home position what you're looking for?

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    Re: New Fadal user looking for advice on setup

    Fadal does not use switches so CS has to always be the Lines/markers Tool change and the axis travels are determined from the CS. So ColdStart is coldstart

    But you can position the Machine where ever you want and use SETX SETY SETZ or just SETZ etc. which is based off the CS. or just a SETX and a SETY and use a E1 or G54 for the Z difference from your tool setter and the part.

    We do that here ALL our tools are set to the same location/height. And the difference from that location to the part (what ever it may be is inserted into a fixture offset Z value)

    To see your fixture offsets type DF (display fixture)

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