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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > CNC Swiss Screw Machines > New fanuc control programs editing and writing confusion
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    New fanuc control programs editing and writing confusion


    I am familiar with older fanuc controls like 0TT which use our old star. We got two new swiss which use 0T-f plus control same as our single spindle lathe.

    Machines arrived setup for two different parts but support is poor. So no training.

    When we enter edit we have two screens which I figure out is main and sub spindle operations. Main is left window. Both have same name O0012.

    I am confused how to scroll trough whole program because I can only scroll to end of main program aka main spindle operation. Cursor will not go to second window aka sub spindle. In lower right box write main so maybe I need to switch to back in options to be able to scroll trough second window? But don't see option?

    Also I copied programs and by checking them I figure out main spindle program need to be in path1 folder and sub spindle program in path2. Is this right?

    Will machine call both programs if I use main program button or I need to use back program menu button if it exist?

    Btw there is s1, s1&s2 and s2 switch but I don't see any difference when edit is selected for example if I switch go s2 in lower right box there is still main, for example on old star if I select head2 control will switch to sub spindle program.

    In fanuc operator manual for 0t-f plus there isn't nothing about this probable because it it for lathe and mill but not for multi spindle lathe.

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    Solved. There is button in case of our machine it is 1...n

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    Re: New fanuc control programs editing and writing confusion

    For any help in fanuc, contact me

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