Hi Guys,

Please excuse my post, I could not find a local sales avenue here.

I am Dan from Orange in NSW a regional centre. Like a lot of my friends. I am on the spectrum with OCD and a brand NEW Maker Store Work Bee CNC.

A cheating wife, a pending divorce and now a bulging disc has resulted in my build of the CNC to stop. I would now like to open this never used CNC to good offers to interesting parties.

I paid AUD2,054 for the kit. It is partially built, so you can come and take it, or I can dismantle it and will post (at your cost). I do want money for it. As is with no returns and no warrantee.

Please make me a reasonable offer for this never used kit. One day I may get back into it, but currently I would like to see it go to a new home.

Orange AU.