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    New guy with a new taig 5019

    Howdy peeps

    I am brand new to the cnc world , I found this forum and it looks like it'll be a big help when I start asking a whole bunch of questions so dumb they are bound to lower your IQ just from reading them .

    Anyway , the shut down has me unemployed and bored as heck .
    So I decided that instead of spending my stimulus money on crack and hookers I'd find me a new hobby .
    I bought a brand spanking new taig 5019 ball screw cnc mill .

    You might ask why , heck if I know. It seemed like a good idea .

    What do I want to make ? Yet another good question I don't have an answer for . Unless wanting to make a fortune is a good answer .

    Do I have any machining experience?
    Well yes I do , I have a grizzly g0602 lathe and a g0704 mill .
    And I've even used them a few times .

    Ok , ok , I know what you all are already thinking .. this guys an idiot .
    Point taken I may very well be an idiot .
    I just spent $2995 on a mill I don't have a clue on how to use .
    And I don't have two more dollars to rub together to buy any tooling or accessories for it .

    But that doesn't matter , I downloaded fusion and after 5 hours I can't even make a square box
    So yea .. who needs tools .

    I guess it may be odd for a new guy to say this , but I don't even have a single question yet .
    Well to be honest , I don't know what kind of questions I should have because all I know about cnc is that I have a mill on a ups truck somewhere on its way to me .

    Not the most thought out plan in the universe I guess .
    But hey I'm here and thought I'd say howdy .

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    Re: New guy with a new taig 5019

    howdy, and welcome to the group.

    I'm guessing no one round here will judge you for buying tools you don't necessarily need.

    when you do have questions post them up!

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    Re: New guy with a new taig 5019

    I will thank you .

    I am still trying to decide if I'm nervous or excited .
    Or if I just have a headache from trying to figure out fusion .
    They make it look so easy on the tutorials .

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    Re: New guy with a new taig 5019

    I just realized that the taig subforum is separate from here , please feel free to move if any mods want to .

    Anyways I've been reading here and there and I have developed a few questions . These are all coming from a I don't have any more money to spend viewpoint.

    First is , the little vise that comes with the mill .
    I don't see any one using it anywhere . Just going off what few pictures I can find I'll guess that it's a bit flexible .
    Is there anything I could do to make it a bit more useable ?

    Next is coolant , I only have hss endmill's and considering that the low speed on a taig is 1000 rpm it seems to me some sort of lubricant might help them live a little longer .

    Do any of those cheap $20 misters all over eBay and Amazon actualy work ?
    And is there a less expensive coolant out there that will work with brass , aluminum and mild steel .
    I'm not concerned about fogging , it's nearly summer and I have a two car garage , I can open the doors and run a fan

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    Re: New guy with a new taig 5019

    I've never used the taig vice, but it looks like a joke. I'm sure it'll work for small parts with very conservative cuts, but i'd plan on getting something bigger when finances allow. The good news is there are a lot of other ways to hold parts besides a vice. I hope you got a hold down kit with some clamps and t-nuts with the mill. That will open up a lot of fixturing options for you.

    depending on what you're cutting, WD-40 is a great cutting fluid and is reasonably priced. Back when I had a Taig, I had a squirt bottle with WD-40, that was my coolant system, and it works well. I have since upgraded to one of the cheapo mist kits off amazon/ebay and it works fine.

    also 1000 RPM low speed isn't that bad given the size of the cutters you'll be using. Even a 1/4" tool in steel you'll want to be over 1000 RPM and I'm guessing you won't be using any larger tools than that in steel.

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    Re: New guy with a new taig 5019

    I do have a hold down kit for my g0704 . The t nuts are probably to big of course , but I won't be an issue to make a few .
    I figured I could buy a few 1/4 studs and make it work for the time being .
    Is weight on the table a concern ?
    I do have a 5 inch tool makers vice , it seems like it would be a bit big for the machine , but I do have it .

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    Re: New guy with a new taig 5019

    Welcome to the Taig world of CNC machining....
    On nice little CAM package is CAMBAM
    Very powerful and versatile program.
    It has simple Cad interface.. to start with...

    Here is a Y-axis extension I made completely in CAMBAM!

    If you keep an eye on Ebay.. that is where I picked up my Accu-Lube Cheap!
    It is a MQL(Minimum Quantity Lubrication) system. It added meter drop of lube into the airstream.
    So No choking Fog!!!

    As for Clamping, and than to standard hold downs, I use a D40, 4 inch Kurt vise alot!!

    Good luck,

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    Well if that monster vise works I won't worry about using a 5 inch tool makers vise for sure .

    I'm having other issues at the moment , got the mill set up today .
    Turned on the pc I was going to use and the magic smoke got let loose inside some where .
    I'll have to see if I can come up with an alternative solution .

    But the mill looks awful purty
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20200528_185829.jpg  

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    Re: New guy with a new taig 5019

    Complete and utter frustration .
    So today I went out and spent $75 I shouldn't have on a pc .
    Got it home , installed mach3 followed the instructions for the micro proto stuff and got ready to see the mill move .

    And absolutely nothing happens when I try to jog the machine .
    After a fair amount of time pulling my hair out I figure out the problem with some help elsewhere
    Mach 3 won't run on 64 bit windows 7 .

    I'm a bit ticked off , when I asked , the guy from taig said it would run off any win xp or win 7 with a parallel port .

    So now I totally screwed . After buying this pc I have exactly $3.71 cents left in my bank account .
    And what amounts to one very expensive paper weight .
    Having to give up before I even get started doesn't make me a happy camper !

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    Re: New guy with a new taig 5019

    Not to rub salt into the wound....
    The only solution is a motion controller like Ethernet Smooth Stepper.
    This one of the bullet proof rock solid solutions...
    I run mach3 on 64 bit Win 7 & 10 pro....

    A Lot more reliable the the ancient Parallel port

    Sorry for your pain..

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    Re: New guy with a new taig 5019

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    Re: New guy with a new taig 5019

    It's not rubbing salt into the wound , I'd like to have a smooth stepper or even a usb motion control .
    But funds are all gone .
    It's been recommended to me to maybe find a xp install image and replace win 7
    For another work around .

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