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    New HVLP Spray system...

    I bought this HVLP Spray station from Rockler a couple months ago, and have used it a half dozen times now (So far only with two part lacquer), and I gotta say, it was a very good investment.. It has made life so much faster/easier, and finishes are so much better.. very little overspray...

    Just wanted to come on to recommend it to others who might be struggling with spray finishing their wood work... One of the great things (besides not having to deal with a compressor anymore), is that you can buy extra cups that are translucent and have amount gradations on the side, and they come with their own gasketed lids... So you can have different paints in each one, just change out the cup to the new finish, put the cap on the old one and keep spraying...

    Clean up is a breeze, I just put some laquer thinner in the black cup that comes with it, remove the translucent spray cup with the paint in it, and spray for a few seconds and then set the sprayer back in the station..

    Happy, happy, happy...

    HVLP Sprayer - Rockler Woodworking Tools

    Here are the extra cups...

    HVLP Replacement Cup - Rockler Woodworking Tools

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    Thanks for sharing I actually will have use for the very soon as I have a house with wood work that will need some refinishing.

    This sprayer look really interesting- http://www.rockler.com/truecoat-pro-...irless-sprayer

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    Yes it does... Way too expensive right now for that considering all the other equipment I need still just to get up and running..

    There was some guy down in town the week before Christmas that had this routed sign shop in a trailer parked on a vacant lot... Was making signs (mostly out of redwood) using templates and routers right there on site with a customer window in the side of the thing.. Had all kinds of signs all over the outside... Really neat setup... An Asian guy (I think Chinese), that didn't speak English too well, but said that he had been hauling that trailer around to shows and what not for more than 20 years.... I think he said he was from San Jose....

    Anyways, he had a bench top spray booth he had built inside of the thing, probably 4' wide... I couldn't tell for sure what brand it was or anything, because it was covered with a million different colors of paint, but it looked exactly like that same set up... His 'might' have been the wired kind though....

    I am really glad I bought this sprayer... I'm expecting delivery of a couple more of the cups today... And I'm thinking that I might buy a couple more spray guns, so I can keep oil based for oil based, lacquer for lacquer, latex for latex, polyurethane for polyurethane, etc...

    One great thing about this system, is that if the air motor burns out for any reason, you can use one of the mini shop vacs to power the sprayer while you wait for them to replace the motor... just hook the hose up to the output side of the shop vac, and off you go... I read a couple reviews that said they did that when they got a lemon unit and were waiting for rockler to ship them a replacement...

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    Re: New HVLP Spray system...

    i actually needed help regarding HVLP spray gun. However, the above thread links are not opening

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