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IndustryArena Forum > Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines > Laser Control Software > New pc is not good friends with RDWorks resulting in weird cuts!
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    New pc is not good friends with RDWorks resulting in weird cuts!

    We've just got a new pc at work to replace our old workhorse that is controlling the Chinese laser cutter.
    The problem is that the laser now occasionally cuts while traveling and only half-finishes cutting lines (see picture). We are using the most recent version of RDWorks and the pc is directly connected to the laser cutter. We did not have any problems with the old setup which coincidentally ran an older version on RDWorks.
    The new pc is a cheap laptop with weak specs (since its only function is to run RDWorks) and sometimes it gets a "connection error" when trying to "go scale" or starting a job.
    Can this be the cause of the problem and how do we fix it? Thanks!

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    Re: New pc is not good friends with RDWorks resulting in weird cuts!

    Are you monitoring the machine when it's working? Sometimes the cable chain may get stuck and cause offset cuts that are not in line with the code. Also, poor lubrication on the rail can get the head stuck or misguided/align. These machines are very sensitive to obstructions of any type. I had several issues like this and with minor tunning, I was able to mitigate the errors.

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