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    New pipe cutter on the drawing board.

    I have designed a pipe cutting attachment for the PlasmaCam table that will let ANYONE cut pipe without needing to disassemble your table to "Frankenstein" your gantry tube into a pipe cutter, only to have to reassemble your table after the tube project is done.

    I am working on making the first prototype pieces now.

    Here is a video of another effort to play with "out-of-the-box" thinking! I can make this work fine, but I wanted more capacity.


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    Re: New pipe cutter on the drawing board.

    I have re-designed the cutter four times. I am now building a working prototype. If it works as I expect it will, PlasmaCam may put out a hit on me, because they will never sell another pipe cutter.

    My design requires no software upgrade, and ZERO modifications to the table. It can be set up in five minutes for cutting, and then removed to return the table to normal operation.

    The really cool thing about it is ... it will work on ANY CNC plasma table. :cheers:


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