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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Tormach Personal CNC Mill > New to CNC, should I get a taster or a probe?
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    New to CNC, should I get a taster or a probe?

    Hi everyone, I was lucky enough to snag a Tormach 440 on ebay about a month ago. I'm going to use it to make molds for composite parts, I was wondering if I should go for a 3D Taster or the Tormach probe. From what I've read, the Taster is a little faster but the probe allows for more automation. Not really sure what info to give on my molds, but there will be some 3D surfaces on my molds, footprint of the molds is about 150mm x 70mm. I've never made molds before, does it really matter which one I pick? Is it just preference? I'm not really worried about the $150 price difference.

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    Re: New to CNC, should I get a taster or a probe?

    I've had good luck with tasters on a variety of machines. Probes are nice, but not necessary.

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    Re: New to CNC, should I get a taster or a probe?

    I have both. You don't really need either, especially since it seems you're still in don't-know-what-you-don't-know stage and its unclear about what you want either of them to do for you.

    On my machine with my work the probe gets used a lot more for day-to-day things like part setup, while the taster is far more useful for dialing in fixtures and vises because its analog instead of digital.

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    Re: New to CNC, should I get a taster or a probe?

    If you go with a Taster, make sure to buy spare stylus tips. The same probably applies to a digital probe. The ITTP digital probe designed and fabricated by Hallmark Designs is much more tolerant to crashes than regular digital probes.


    The designer has a bunch of Youtube videos that discuss his approach and design criteria - look for videos on the "Thread Express" channel.

    One advantage that the Taster has is that it is easy to tram in a vise jaw with it or to do things like check a surface for flatness.

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