Hi Guys, I think I made a big mistake.

Yesterday I started out with a machine that booted but wouldn't home due to an excess error on the axis, - diagnosing lead me to think the PC-ADB-01 Axis Drive Bus Board is the culprit as the correct voltage is going in but incorrect DC voltage is coming out. Thats fine I thought. I will just get a replacement board.

As I waited for Milltronics to call me back, I decided to try and adjust the screen resolution as someone has upgraded the CRT to a LCD display and the program only filled the center of the screen, not out to the edges. I entered the bios and changed the resolution to 1024x768 (was 800x600) and panel type to LCD (was CRT). Upon reboot I only see a white screen, the white screen covers the entire panel. No matter what I cannot get anything else to show other than the white screen, no boot sequence nothing, just blue no signal page upon first powering on then it changes to the white screen. I figured that I would need to reset the cmos in the computer, I followed the instructions from the Board manufacturer (Advantech PCA-6775) to reset the cmos, however I still have no display. Only the white screen. – I plugged in a different VGA monitor to the board and still get no display output at all.

I have removed the battery on the board, used the jumpers as instructed on the boards operating manual to clear the CMOS and still nothing.

I don't think I have damaged anything beyond repair but there is nothing I can do without the display. - anyone got any ideas?