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    New to me SL-4 with 2000G II, alarm code...

    Hello everyone, new guy here. I hope everyone has had a good holiday and a Happy New Year.

    I have recently bought an '81 or '82 Mori Seiki SL4 lathe with the 2000G II control. It does have the CRT on the control. When I went to inspect it before purchase it ran as it should, I was adamant to see it run before I decided to buy. It was filthy but ran well and had no glaring issues. I did get the transformer and disconnect with the machine. It is a 480v machine. I measured the voltage before unhooking and I have matched them in my shop.

    I got it unloaded in my shop and it had to set for a couple weeks before I could move it. When I could I did some cleaning on it, only using simple green or purple power on a rag, no pressure washing although I wanted to.

    I did get to move it a few days ago to a semi permanent spot in my shop where I could power it up. I was able to Zero Return/Home it out. I can index the turret, it shows pressure on the hydraulic pump, the chip conveyor works, but I get an alarm when I try to turn on the spindle. It is popping up Alarm 28. I have a manual for it so I looked it up and it says "machine preparation incomplete. 1. MRD signal is not sent from the machine side or 2. MRD signal was lost temporarily."

    I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if I goofed up the machine somehow. I looked in the book and I think I am doing it as directed. I turn the mode selector to 'handle', select low gear and hit register, the low gear light is lit when I do this, and I turned the spindle rpm dial down to low and push the 'normal' button and as soon as I do it throws an alarm #28. Once that happens, I can't do anything. I tried reset, but it won't. I have to power off the machine completely. When I power it back up it is cleared.

    When the alarm is set there is a red led light on in the cabinet where power comes in. It has 'FAN' above it kinda. This has me thinking it may be a fan not coming on? In cleaning this machine the last couple weeks I pulled a few of the cooling fans that were terribly gunked up and a couple couldn't even turn. One I took out was the big fan (app 8" square) on the spindle motor. This fan is mounted directly to the spindle motor. I was careful and if I recall I did not unplug it as the wires were long enough to reach. I did not notice until after seeing the red light on the circuit board that this fan is not running at all.

    Is there a chance that it is throwing the alarm because the fan is not on? Is it even supposed to be on all the time?

    I have not called Mori yet to see if I can get electrical schematics, any idea if they can be bought for this machine?

    I appreciate any help I can get,

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    Re: New to me SL-4 with 2000G II, alarm code...

    I got to work on it more today and found another alarm that I didn't see previously. It is a #26 Spindle Drive alarm. Book said to check fuses which led to finding a bad one. It seems to be a special one, at least to me. It is a double bodied fuse with ends that have brackets for you to bolt the fuse into the machine. Looked them up and they are not cheap, starting at $120. There was another blown one in the cabinet door pocket, so I hope this isn't a common thing to happen.

    Any ideas as to what makes these special? Could I swap in a new holder to use a more common style of fuse with the same rating?

    Do you guys have any preferred sources for fuses?

    One is a Kyosan 60FHS110
    other is a Mersen BS217UT69V110


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