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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Tormach Personal CNC Mill > Tormach Slant Lathe > New Update: Coolant Off as a Default - SUCKS
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    New Update: Coolant Off as a Default - SUCKS

    Why not an option in the settings to have it default On/Off?

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    Re: New Update: Coolant Off as a Default - SUCKS

    It is all sorts of jacked! I'm having to edit the g-code to turn on and off the coolant. In the editor, if I click on the "coolant on" button, finish editing, save, click on edit again, it is off. Only seems to happen when the file contains more than one tool. I have one file that I use for just facing, so I can flip the part, face again and measure for length. I can edit that one all I want and the coolant will stay on.

    Other files I have, I frequently go in to edit a diameter of an I.D. turning operation. All of the proceeding I.D. turning operations (same tool) have the coolant ON screwed up. I've tried every which way of getting the coolant to stay on through the editor, but nothing works, other than editing the g-code manually.

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