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    Newbie looking for advice on first cnc purchase

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a hobbyist woodworker new to the world of CNC. I have a small workshop in my garage and I'm looking to purchase a benchtop CNC router with a bed size up to 600x1200mm or 2x4ft. I'm familiar with fusion 360. I hope to find a machine that will cut/route hardwood timber up to 25mm / 1" thick, plywood, thin wood veneers, acrylic and perhaps some aluminum. I don't require production speeds as I'm just a hobbyist/ small time maker but I would like something capable within it's category.

    I live in New Zealand so my options are limited. Importing is an option but I would imagine shipping isn't cheap and all imports are subject to a 15% goods and service tax applied to the cost of the machine, shipping and insurance.

    With that being said I've only found a couple options available locally (in New Zealand)

    Option 1, shapeoko xxl https://www.mindkits.co.nz/shapeoko-xxl.aspx which is $3,329 NZD or $2,200 USD

    Option 2, The other is made by a local manufacturer Vertigo https://vertigocnc.com/products/mx2-cnc-machine The model I'm looking at sells for $6,785NZD or $4,490 USD

    Vertigo MX2-N Spec sheet https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/00...f?v=1596084474

    I guess my questions are as follows:

    How do the capabilities and build quality of the two machines compare?

    How capable are either of them at meeting my performance requirements?

    lastly should I consider importing A better machine from overseas? What would you recommend? My top end budget limit is $6000USD including shipping/tax

    Thank you all for taking the time to read my post.

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    Re: Newbie looking for advice on first cnc purchase

    You could always build one as a guy in Tasmania is building a midi CNC router on UTUBE at the moment.......1 metre X 1 metre .......approx A$1500.

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    Re: Newbie looking for advice on first cnc purchase

    I doubt the Shapoko will do what you want. The Vertigo looks better, but they don't give enough information about it to say for sure. That little 1/4" Makita router will be a limiting factor, even if the steppers are powerful enough. There's a lot to be said for buying from a local manufacturer, though - it beats sending plaintive emails to China when something goes wrong (and then here when they don't answer),
    Andrew Werby

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