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    Newbie questions

    I'm kinda new to the DIY machines and I don't know a lot about CNCs.
    Can these DIY CNCs do 0.01mm accuracy? (0,004inch) I'm planning to mill aluminium for motorcycle parts and etc.
    Max size would be around 40cm x 30cm x 10cm (16x12x4 inch)
    How much would it cost? Can it be built in around 1000-1500usd?
    Can you recommend any good threads or builds?

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    Re: Newbie questions

    Hi Kal - read this thread. Beautific mill +5000USD about what you want but not 0.01mm. Peter


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    Re: Newbie questions

    The machines most people here build out of aluminum extrusions are routers that work pretty well on wood and plastic, but less well on aluminum. To reliably make metal parts for motorcycles you need a mill, not a router. Mills are harder to build; you can make small ones from steel weldments or cast the frame in epoxy-granite. There's also an interesting thread where someone built one from solid granite. Larger parts (like those you're talking about) require larger mills, which are typically made from cast iron.

    Since the process of casting iron is beyond the capacity of most of us, it usually is advisable to find an old mill somewhere and retrofit it with new controls, rather than trying to build it from scratch. Even if you get the mill at the price of scrap iron, it will still be difficult to arrive at a working machine within the rather slim budget you set out. Pete's estimate above is a lot more realistic. But if you go this route, and start with a machine in reasonably good mechanical condition, the tolerance you're asking for shouldn't be too hard to achieve.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Newbie questions

    Hi Kal - The +$5k USD is just the bought parts. Katran made all the machine parts... There are at least 3 reasons to build a machine 1) the machine does not exist to do the job you want, so design and build a bespoke machine 2) Your a Maker and are just hanging out to make the next machine (like me) 3) you think you can make it cheaper then production machines. If your reason is 3) forget it. It never, never works out that way... If you only have a few parts to make, contract it. If you have 100's of parts to make contract it. Keep Making Peter

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