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    Newbie to lasers, my x axis is homing the wrong end

    OK. Brought a second hand chinese laser cutter 80w 700x500 cut area with a Rudia RD6442S controller. First off, the Y axis did not move under command, then started to move, then stopped. I tried resetting to factory defaults. Now X is moving in the wrong direction to home so now I can't reset the machine to debug my first issue.
    If anyone could get me on the path to debugging this that would be great. Just setting the axis to home to the correct corner of the machine would be a really good start. I'm currently using RDworks 8.01.60 The laser is unbranded.
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    Re: Newbie to lasers, my x axis is homing the wrong end

    I know what I did wrong now.
    I have a second hand 700mm X 600mm 80 watt CO2 laser.
    I have never had this machine running but have seen it run on day of collection.
    I have wiped the factory parameters and have no backup. (F*#@%^&*%!!!!!!!! Yes, I am an idiot)
    The cutter is not badged so unknown manufacturer.
    The Y axis seems not to respond to commands most of the time.

    I have the x axis moving in the correct direction now, but have set little else in the factory parameters.

    If anyone has any advice on getting this thing set up, debugged and useful again it would be much appreciated.


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