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    NewCnc-No Movement

    I purchased and moved across town a NewCnc router which was running at the time. It sat for about 18 months before I got around to getting it back up an running. Now that I have it powered back up Mach3 reporting an overtravel on my Y axis but the spindle is sitting in the center of the table (off any switches), my Yaskawa servo amplifiers are all showing Pot/not error, and my servo motor contactors are not engaging so I am dead in the water for now. Tested all overlimit switches and they are good. Tried disabling overtravel in pins and ports with no change. Any ideas on where to look next?

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    Re: NewCnc-No Movement

    Hello, check the 24v supply line, it should be clear. Pot/not error is an over travel error so if the axis are actually not at over travel position then you may reset the errors in yaskawa drives.

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