So my company is getting a new smart lathe as described in the title.

I am wondering for ease of setup so I’m not changing tool location every setup.

This machine has an 18” hydraulic chuck. I would like to have the tools as such

1 - turning rough
2 - turn finish
3 - drill
4 - drill
5 - cutoff tool
6 - boring bar rough I’d
7- boring bar finish I’d
8- boring bar groover i
9- od threader
10- id threader
11 - random tool maybe live center drill
12 - random tool

The reason I’m asking I’ve never ran a cnc lathe with such a big chuck. Just wondering about tool setup and tool clearance. Most parts will not be above 18”. I’m sure whenever that time comes. Some tools will need to be moved around for clearance issues. Any input is welcomed. Btw. The new machine is coming at the end of may.

Thanks everyone!