DISREGARD - Got it fixed! Not 100% sure what did it, I went through and re-tightened all set screws, and re-wired the motor.

Hello all!

I've got a new build on a DIY CNC Mini lathe. I'm using identical motors, with identical drivers and identical DIP switch settings, also identical software options. One of the stepper motors has plenty of holding torque (I can't turn by hand) but the other has almost no holding torque (easily turned by hand).

I've tried switching the connections, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. I've also re-wired both drivers to the connection.

Here are my details:

Motors: https://www.automationtechnologiesin...lat-570-oz-in/

Drivers: https://www.omc-stepperonline.com/di...or-dm556t.html

PSU: https://www.omc-stepperonline.com/35...-s-350-48.html

Software: Centroid Acorn

I'm thinking I'm going to have to rewire all of it just in case I have a bad connection, but was wanting to see if something else could be the issue.