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    Normal / Abnormal Condition blinking

    I am setting up Mach 3 on a new computer. On the “Program Run Alt-1” screen I have a blinking indicator just to the right of center flashing Green “Normal Condition” and Yellow “Abnormal Condition”. I have never seen this before. When I click on it it says List of Abnormalities: G90/G91 State Axes are not Refed to normal condition. What is this and how do I correct it? Not even sure where to begin looking.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Normal / Abnormal Condition blinking

    Long time passed but it might help others.
    I've wasted ages on tis one...The answer is as easy as it is stupid.
    DOUBLE-CLICK the button and a NEW dialogue will open. If you are happy that your setting ar as you want them to be, then click 'Yes"
    Job done. It sets this as the new default for the machine.

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