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    Unhappy Not properly working stepper motors


    recently I bought my first CNC, it´s a CNC Workbee (from Chinese company Bulk-Man 3D).
    As I followed all the uncertain instructions that I mostly figured out by myself, I´ve got a problem that I just can´t figure out.

    I got the whole machine connected to a computer with MACH3, got all the things set up, I just followed some guy on Youtube. And mine just doesn´t want to work with the motors.

    I believe the problem is in the motor tuning, but when I get it working on the arrow keys (on keyboard) then it doesn´t work on computer-operated actions (such as go to ZERO, etc.)
    Hopefully, all the cables are connected well, since I checked them like 10 times because I´m really desperate.

    I hope somebody will be able to help. Thanks
    Also adding some pictures and video for reference.

    Wire Connections -

    Mach3 Setup -

    Motors video -

    Since all my photos and videos are quite big, I had to upload it to different sites, so sorry about the inconvenience.

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    Re: Not properly working stepper motors

    Your video didn't play for me, but it's odd that it will jog but not respond to G-code commands. Are you going to the MDI screen and issuing a command like "G0X1.500" That's G zero, not "go to".
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Not properly working stepper motors

    Sorry about the video, I uploaded it to youtube : https://youtu.be/5NM-0HP7le0
    I meant it like an example, basically it does that whenever I set something from mach other than from jog.
    Also, I´m not really sure about the motor tuning, that might be the problem, I tried many different settings but almost none worked for me, and even after calculating all of it it didn't work.

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    Re: Not properly working stepper motors

    Before I tried setting different values in motor tuning (on video) I found that the quietest setting was 800/200/200, which worked quiet with the jog, but the issue with the Gcode run stayed and kept doing the weird stuff like on the video.

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    Re: Not properly working stepper motors

    That sounds horrible. No wonder it doesn't work. I can't tell what you're doing from your video, but it sounds like your motors are very unhappy, whatever it is. Did you buy this new, and if so, can you ask the seller what's going on? Is it supposed to be getting 220v and getting 110 instead?
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Not properly working stepper motors

    Yes, the set was new. I checked the Power supply that came with it and it seems okay.
    I will try to contact them again. It might be faulty PSU, since it "buzz" really loud when under load for longer periods.
    Also the 220v is selected, and we run on 220, which should be okay.

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