So today is the day to decide the software to use with my cnc router project. I'm not sure of the electro is pieces involved. I'll lay out what I think I know and you can correct me at will.
Working backwards, i get the motor/ driver interface. Where I go dumb is from the BOB to the computer. It seems the BOB is sometimes proprietary to the cam software. So a software decision needs to be made.
Another brain fog moment comes from the insertion of andrinos and Rpi. I'm not sure why this is there. Is it so you don't have to tie a computer proper to the machine? Why the extra processor? Is it just so you can use grbl or mach? What are my software (cam) options if I just want to port from a motherboard mounted in the box (with associated hardware). Would this mean I only need controller software on this outer? Which one?
If I run a cad system like Catia (I have it already) and use the machining work bench to create cutter paths, what do I use to post process? Does the postP determine what controller software to use