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    NVEM 5 Axis CNC Controller Ethernet MACH3

    Hi All
    I have a problem connecting to NVEM 5 Axis Controller. when connecting the Ethernet cable all the lights flash like there is communication between the PC and the controller. When looking at the plug in control in Mach3 under Novusun plugin Ver3.0b, I do not get any info from the controller. IE Axis =0 , Link = waiting and no serial no. Does this mean there is no communication to the controller or am I missing something.

    Please help.

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    Re: NVEM 5 Axis CNC Controller Ethernet MACH3


    I'm newb here myself and not a CNC guru but I do know networking. My guess is you've got network configuration problems. Have you set up your IP configuration? I were you I'd RTM on the windows network setup until I can ping the network address. But again, I know virtually nothing but that's my $0.02.

    Good luck...

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    Re: NVEM 5 Axis CNC Controller Ethernet MACH3

    you're going to have problems, that company is on the Mach Blacklist for peddling pirated copies of Mach.

    Do yourself a favor and get a US or European made controller like an Ethernet SmoothStepper or a UC300.


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