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Thread: Nvem v2

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    Nvem v2

    So I brought myself a nvem v2, at first glance I thought for the price cant be bad then it arrived and I was still quite happy built quite well really or so I thought.

    After doing quite a bit of research into the controller i feel let down, i brought it from aliexpress, from what iv read it's a little bit of pot luck how well it works as some people have said best controller never had a problem and the the other side is where things get dark, people have said they have spent months just to get the estop working right and now I have a problem.

    I put myself an enclosure together for (first mistake should of bench tested first), the fault I'm getting and yes I mean fault every time I run the controller in mach3 I get and error asking "choose .bin file", so check the CD nothing went on there website found a link for a bin file, link is 404 they have removed it for some reason no response from them, been waiting for a reply from the aliexpress seller, they did say they'll get there engineers to looking into it but not holding my breath.

    Iv posted 3 pics of what happens then it just constantly loops back to choose bin file

    I'm not getting any feed back from the controller in mach3 at all but when I check the ethernet connection packets are being sent and received.

    So my big question is dose anyone have this mysterious bin file or know anywhere it could be obtained from.

    On a side note someone has offered to sell me a akz250 anyone know anything about them?

    (And a couple of pics of the controller as if like me we love seeing that sort of stuff)

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    Re: Nvem v2

    I've had a good look on the website etc and to be perfectly honest it looks like it hasn't been updated or anything for years.
    I reckon ali these controllers knocking about are copies of the original.
    Copies built by vendors who actually have no clue about the internals of the product.
    Original makers of it have cut and run.
    Support basically non existent.

    I'll keep an eye out when I can. It must be a mach plugin issue afaic.
    (Could even be that s**t operating system called windows 10 causing trouble)!!!!
    The successful people could be using a different one like win7 or even xp.

    xp is still my goto o.s. for mach.

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    Re: Nvem v2

    So far I'm finding the same issues cropping up as far back as 2016.
    I would get all the pictures you can of all the faults that come up.
    Message the vendor and say you want them to have it back, and send the photos with it.
    Open a dispute and try to get rid of it.

    Get yourself a UC400ETH and a couple of bob's,
    Or an AXBB-E,
    Or smoothstepper,
    Or any other board that has a plugin available:

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