I have a CNCEST 6040 running from a Win7 Pro laptop / Mach3, which has been working as well as could be expected for a cheapo setup for 2 1/2 years, and just got a CNCEST 6090 with the same controller, and a second completely new wiped Win7 laptop. I always load the 6040 with the Mach3 Loader. It will run either machine, so the controllers and hardware are OK on the 6090. My second laptop, set up identically to the first, won't run the 6040; I don't need it to, this is just for reference. When loading Mach3 on #2 via Loader, the 6090 controls XYZ but the spindle doesn't turn (I can manually but not on PC). When loading via the MachMill, the spindle runs but no XYZ. Any ideas?